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MPA Online Institute  is an online college preparatory academy for motivated students who are willing to be challenged to become the best students and persons they can be. Combining award-winning curriculum with small class sizes and intensive college counseling, our students receive a flexible, individualized education attuned to their own needs and goals

MPA Online Institute offers students seeking admission to top-tier universities:

– Outstanding college-prep curriculum
– Exceptional online instructors
– Personalized college counseling (see College Counseling Section)
– A flexible, individualized program
– Life and leadership skills development
– Career-building electives
– Unique academic concentrations


MPA Online Institute provides an individualized high school experience. Our multi-year individualized academic plan is an integral part of students’ personal college prep plans that they create with counselors to reflect their skills, aptitude, and future goals.

MPA students work with each other, instructors, and academic advisors to achieve their goals. The success of this school will be evident every day in the academic stimulation that students experience as they are challenged to reach their highest potential.


Instruction and support from teachers—through online classroom sessions, phone, e-mail, and IM—ensure that instructors are always in close communication with students, providing them with an individualized learning experience. Teachers facilitate engaging online discussions between students and offer one-to-one help through live sessions to review difficult concepts.

Teachers experienced in online instruction connect learning to real-life experiences. Our active learning approach enables students to apply what they have learned, skills practice, and check for understanding. The Academy teachers are committed to building relationships with students. To learn more about how our educators build relationships with learners visit our blog.


Our Programs

Full-Year Options

Our full-year option allows students to earn an MPA diploma while following a total of 6 credits per year. The minimum major course requirements for graduation from Morgan Park Academy are 24, earned while enrolled in secondary school. Of those, the following credits are required in each area:

English – 4 credits
Mathematics – 3 credits
History and Social Studies- 3 credits
Science and Technology- 3.5 credits
World Language – 3 credits
Fine Arts – 2 credits
Physical Education/Health – 1.5 credits
College and Career Studies – 1.5 credits
Additional Electives – 2.5 credits

Note that full-year students will have their transferred credits included on their MPA transcript. A minimum of two years of MPA credits is required in order to earn a diploma either in-person or online.

In addition to all core courses and electives, students will receive college counseling and advisory support through their college admission process.

Per-Credit and AP Options

The per-credit option allows flexibility to select the courses of your choice and earn American High School credits. An MPA transcript will be sent for the completed classes.

This program has been designed for international students seeking to continue their High School studies in the United States.

Preparing for high school abroad requires students to adapt to a new environment and culture. Our Middle School Preparatory courses focus on core academic areas in English and Social Studies that will ensure success for high school and beyond. As in other areas of life, success in academics results from learning and practicing positive habits. This program focuses on the mastery of these subjects to prepare Middle School students for a smooth transition to high school. 

Students registered to the MPA Online will have admission priority into our outstanding Upper School on-campus programs. MPA ranks among the top 10 private schools in Illinois, and provides exemplary college preparation.

The Upper School program provides an excellent academic curriculum as well as varied athletic, artistic, and leadership opportunities. It fields a variety of athletic teams; provides opportunities in the performing arts, including band, chorus, and theater productions; and offers numerous co-curricular offerings to develop leadership ability. Students compete and consistently win in divisional, regional, and statewide academic and athletic competitions, including previous recognition in the Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering (WYSE) and Rube Goldberg contests. With a rigorous academic program, four-year college guidance, weekly assembly period, peer mentoring program, and standardized test review preparation, our students are accepted at the nation’s best colleges and universities, including Brown, Harvard, Princeton, Dartmouth, Stanford, the University of Illinois – Champaign/Urbana, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, Northwestern, Williams, M.I.T. and the Naval Academy.

Small, discussion-based classes
With an average class size of fewer than 15 students, we give every student the opportunity to speak up and stand out.

Approachable, relatable teachers
Our teachers invite dialogue and forge meaningful connections with students because they know real learning takes real relationships.

A spacious, self-contained campus quad
Our inward-facing quad creates outdoor space for study and plays along with opportunities for regular interaction.

An experiential curriculum
All students learn best when they apply concepts to real life. So we’ve designed our curriculum to take students outside the classroom to explore and experiment.

Ambitious, hard-working classmates
We foster camaraderie more than competition, and MPA students infuse a contagious passion into serious academic studies and extracurricular activities.

A trusting, respectful school culture
Our faculty members model what they teach: respect, consideration, honesty, and empathy. Together, our community listens to one another and acts with integrity.

Imaginative, disciplined arts
We set students free to discover their own voices and talents through writing, music, and the visual and dramatic arts. Creative outlets improve academic focus and success.

Competitive, inclusive athletics
MPA athletes bring discipline, determination, and good sportsmanship to each competition, learning teamwork and leadership along the way.

Perspective-widening, global focus
We show our students the world. Scores of MPA students travel abroad each year, and on-campus we interpret events and ideas in their larger, global context.

Thorough, thoughtful college counseling
The MPA experience readies students for advanced college coursework and also teaches them how to identify the type of college right for them.


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