Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to the MPA Online Institute. In this brochure, we hope you catch a glimpse of the unique spirit that characterizes our school. Learning that is authentic and engaging with rigorous curriculum offerings at college preparatory, electives, and advanced placement.

Dialogue and interchange between teachers and students are hallmarks of the Upper School, where the focus moves from subject mastery to higher-order thinking skills. In this unique setting, students have the opportunity to develop their individual talents and creativity through a carefully sequenced and integrated curriculum.

Students can customize their curriculum to meet individual needs, interests and abilities. With a rigorous academic program, four-year college guidance, peer mentoring program, and standardized test review preparation, our students are accepted at the nation’s best colleges and universities.

Our goal with the MPA Online Institute is to create a rigorous and stimulating academic environment leveraging advanced educational technology and learning methods enabling students to follow their intellectual pursuits—while building the foundation for future academic and professional success.

We are a school that encourages the extraordinary potential within each of our students; a school that provides the core academic building blocks essential for success beyond high school; a school that provides critical life learning; a school that fosters smart intellectual risktaking in a safe, tailored learning environment.

The MPA Online Institute aims to prepare students beyond what they can achieve in traditional schools by providing an individualized education experience attuned to their own needs and goals through regular support of nurturing teachers, advisors, and college counselors.

We use the widely acclaimed curriculum, technology, and services from Edmentum. Our curriculum challenges each student to think deeply and critically about a wide variety of subjects as they prepare to become leaders of the next generation.

We welcome highly talented students with diverse interests and passions. Here you will find learning marked by joy, energy, curiosity, and enthusiasm. The learning opportunities are virtually limitless. I hope you join us on the journey to discover the extraordinary young person you truly are.

Best Regards,

Mercedes Z. Sheppard
Head of School