This program is designed for international students seeking to pursue an American high school education.

Preparing for high school abroad requires students to adapt to a new environment and culture. Our Middle School Preparatory courses focus on core academic areas in English and Social Studies that will ensure success for high school and beyond. As in other areas of life, success in academics results from learning and practicing positive habits. This program focuses on the mastery of these subjects to prepare Middle School students for a smooth transition to high school. 

Course Offerings

English 06 A/B
This course provides a strong foundation in grammar and the writing process. It emphasizes simple but useful composition and language mechanics strategies with multiple opportunities for modeling practical, real-world writing situations that will enable students to improve their written communication skills quickly. Through a variety of grade-appropriate reading selections, students develop a clear understanding of key literary genres and their distinguishing characteristics.

English 07 A/B
English 7 Integrates the study of writing and literature through the examination of a variety of genres. Students identify the elements of composition in the reading selections to understand their function and effect on the reader. Practice is provided in narrative and expository writing. Topics include comparison and contrast, persuasion, and cause and effect essays, as well as descriptive and figurative language. Lessons are supplemented with vocabulary development, grammar, and syntax exercises, along with an introduction to verbal phrases and research tools.

English 08 A/B
Extends the skills developed in English 7 through detailed study of parts of sentences and paragraphs to understand their importance to good writing. Students also acquire study skills such as time management and improved test-taking strategies. Other topics include punctuation, word choice, syntax, varying of sentence structure, subordination and coordination, detail and elaboration, effective use of reference materials, and proofreading.

Middle School U.S. History
Learners will explore historical American events with the help of innovative videos, timelines, and interactive maps and images. The course covers colonial America through the Reconstruction period. Learners will develop historical thinking and geography skills, which they will use throughout the course to heighten their understanding of the material.

Middle School Civics
Interactive, problem-centered, and inquiry-based, each unit in Civics emphasizes the acquisition, mastery, and processing of information. Every unit features both factual and conceptual study questions, Instructional strategies include Socratic instruction, student-centered learning, and experiential learning. Topics covered range from Basic Concepts of Power and Authority and National Institutions of Government to analyses of society and citizenship.

Contemporary World A/B
The Contemporary World is a year-long course designed to strengthen learners’ knowledge about the modern world. Multimedia tools including custom videos as well as videos from the BBC, custom maps, and interactive timelines will help engage learners as they complete this course. Learners will explore the importance of geography, the influence of culture, and the relationship humans have with the physical environment. They will also focus on the responsibility of citizens, democracy in the United States, U.S. legal systems, and the U.S. economy. Ultimately, learners will complete this course as global citizens with an understanding of how to help and better their community and the world.

Transcript and Certificate

A transcript with grades will be provided to students. The MPA Humanities High School Readiness Certificate will be given to students who complete 4 or more courses.