Tuition 2020-2021

As an independent, not-for-profit organization, Morgan Park Academy is funded primarily by tuition and fees, which are used to finance operating costs such as school programs, faculty and staff salaries, and maintenance of our facilities.

We are committed to inclusion as an essential part of our educational philosophy and school culture. Economic diversity enriches the educational opportunity for all families and participation of a wide range of families is critical to the health of our school.

Accordingly, the MPA community includes some families who can afford tuition at the top of the index and also provide generous philanthropic donations; other families who make substantial sacrifices to pay tuition at the highest level; and others who are able to afford only minimal tuition. MPA families fall across the economic spectrum.

We are able to offer indexed tuition based on the school’s operating budget and philanthropic gifts. In order to make an MPA education accessible to families from a wide range of economic backgrounds, we offer a range of tuition levels.

Enrollment Fee

Full Year Option
Full-time Middle School (6 courses): $11,082.50 – $20,150
Full-time High School (6 courses): $12,250 – $24,500

One Semester Option
Full-time Middle School (6 courses): $5,541 – $10,075
Full-time High School (6 courses): $6,125 – $12,250

Middle School Prep Courses for International Students: $1,500 per full-year course
Individual Courses (2 semester courses) $1,850 – $3,360


Payment in Full — Tuition is due in full by June 1 before the start of the school year.

Quarterly Payments — Tuition is paid in four quarterly installments (June, September, December, March).

Monthly Payments — Tuition is paid in monthly installments. In order to have 12 monthly payments, payments must start in in June before the start of the school year and continue on a monthly basis through May of the following year. All plans must be completed (paid in full) by May. Payments are due on the 5th or 20th of each month as per the FACTS agreement.

Included in Tuition

Full-time tuition includes:

– Enrollment in 6 full-year courses (12-semester equivalents)
– Textbooks, workbooks, lab materials (as applicable)
– Orientation: 1:1 conference, Online Learning course, Q&A sessions
– Individualized Academic Plan
– Extensive, proactive teacher instruction and support
– Small online classes conducive to meaningful discussion and engagement
– Personalized college planning and preparation
– Dedicated college counselor
– Academic counseling

Individual AP or Regular course tuition includes:

– Textbooks, workbooks, lab materials (as applicable)
– Summer AP boot camp (fall semester enrollments only)
– AP Mentor in addition to the course teacher
– AP Coordinator
– Transcripts